hey …

hello everyone, i haven`t been on in a while…

just wanted to say hey and see if anyone comes here ever anymore…

~silver dragn~


8firebender8 not being on anymore

i have not been on alot because i am bussy and don’t have interet very often :\


New Pin!

Here is the new “puff fish”

Hope you enjoyed the latest CP cheats by:

~Silver Dragn~

Want my toolbar?

Hello everyone i have made a toolbar and if you want to download it to easily check up on my website, twitter profile, you tube profile, and get weather alerts, new email alerts, my web seach, +

So if you want all this please upload it now!


Should I?

I am thinking of getting rid of arctic antic cheats because i cant do much withthem right now ( i need help ), what do you think? get rid of arctic antics cheats? move arctic antics cheats to a new web blog? keep things the way they are now?

New pin!

Here i how to get the new pin!

1. Logg in to Club Penguin

2. Go to the light house

2. Walk over to the pin

Hope you can find this new awesom pin easy 😀

~Silver Dragn~

How to find the new pin:

how to find the snowman pin:

Go to the ski lodge,

~Silver Dragn~