About AA & CP


hello everyone 8firebender8 (silver dragn) here and im here to tell  you what arctic antics and club penguin are about.


arctic antics is a special compition to win a 12 month club penguin membership and recently u can now win a 50 amazon voucher and axats,every week someone wins but the goal is to have the most points at the end of the week.U can buy items and sell them the week u want to win and get even more points (some items u buy will die after a couple weeks).right now i have 2 profiles and im trying realy realy hard to win!ok well that it oh yea and heres a link to arctic antics http://arcticantics.com.


club penguin is a vertual reality game (a game that like life)  but your a penguin u play games to earn points and u can buy a membership so that u can buy things for your penguin such as cloths,igloos,igloo items,and puffles (a club penguin pet) the membership are prisey they range from a 12 month membership for around 60$, a 6 month membership for around 30$, and a 1 month membership for around 6$.i have many acounts (7 accounts)on club penguin i curently have a membership for the one named silver dragn (my first and oldist penguin).i realy like club penguin (even thoe its kidish) well thats all that i have to tell u about club penguinoh yea almost forgot heres the link http://clubpenguin.com

well hope that helped if u have any more questions please comment.

Translated chinese:

大家好8firebender8(銀 dragn)在這裡和IM在這裡告訴大家什麼古怪和北極企鵝俱樂部約。


北極滑稽是一種特殊compition贏得 12個月的企鵝俱樂部的成員,最近ü現在可以贏得 50個亞馬孫券和axats,每星期有人贏,但我們的目標是擁有最點會議結束時能買到的week.U項目和出售一周ü都想贏,甚至獲得更多的積分(一些項目將死於 ü購買幾週後)。現在我有2個配置文件和IM試圖真的真的很難取勝!確定以及它哦酵母和繼承人一個鏈接北極滑稽http://arcticantics.com


企鵝俱樂部是一個 vertual現實遊戲(一種遊戲,這樣的生活),但您的企鵝 ü玩遊戲獲取積分和u可以購買會員,以便u能買東西,你的企鵝,如布,圓頂冰屋項目,puffles (寵物企鵝俱樂部)的成員,他們是prisey範圍從 12個月的會員為 60美元左右,6個月的會員為 30元左右,而1個月會員約 6 $。我有很多acounts(7帳戶)的企鵝俱樂部 i curently有一個成員的一個名為銀 dragn(我第一次和oldist企鵝)。我真的很喜歡企鵝俱樂部(即使thoe其kidish)以及多數民眾贊成,我必須告訴 ü有關俱樂部 penguinoh酵母幾乎忘記了繼承人的鏈接 http://clubpenguin.com




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  1. oh hey thankx!but its soo hard to get points!

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