About The Workers


Heres a pic of my penguin wen hese a member!


Hello everyone this is a little something about me:

my name on club penguin is:silver dragn, 8firbender8, or black dragn.

my name on arctic antics is:silver dragn or 8firebender8.

my name on pandanda is:8firebender8 or black dragn.

i am now 13 years old,

im an author in Rockseean’s blog, Darkxblazer’s blog,Snowkuk’s Encore‘s blog, My own blog, Dragondav3’s blog,Mick51’s blog,  Condogs blog, and timmytimtam’s blog (well both of are blogs)another timmytimtams  blog (well both of are blogs)and another one of my blog for only arctic antics stuff 8firebender8!

my fave car is the 2010 camaro (its the new one in transformers the movie)!

I also make Jewlery i make alot of expensive stuff (but know one wants to buy it 😦 )

well thats me!!! 😀


Hi, I’m Timmytimtam, but you can all just call me Timmy or Tim. I am a boy, I am 14 years old, I live in Australia, I love competitions. I enter almost every competition that i find but I don’t win that much. I love computer type stuff. I have a laptop, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Play Station 2, Sega Dreamcast and more! I am home schooled; I am in the 8th grade. I have 5 pets, 2 fish, 2 canaries (birds) and 1 dog. I love designing websites and blogs. That’s about all i can think of! Have fun looking around the blog!


20 Responses

  1. Hmm, I live in Hanoi city, Vietnam. Hi, do you like Vietnamese :)?

  2. Yes. LOL, I live in Vietnam but you live in USA!

  3. yea but i dont know anyone from there thoe!

  4. Vietnam, which is in south – east Asia, is the world’s second biggest rice exporter.

  5. In Vietnam people love reading newspapers and magazines. They like foreign films!

  6. P.s: Can you tell me the password in the ” were random rabbit is! ” page?

  7. sorry dude that would ruin the game does cool comp tell u were random rabbit is NO!

  8. umm but if you have that page on here why is it here if its cheating and
    you are talking about cheating and you have a CHEAT blog!


  9. hello!you commented my wall on arcticantics thankx!

  10. hi 8firebender8

  11. I here your family uses Silver Micro-Water from Ancientagesilver.com. How do you use it? How many uses are there for the Silver Water? Does it work for you like keep you from being sick with flu and stuff. How about any other ideas!! When did you start using it and the like.

    • it has no side affects and its help cure you from the “flu and stuff” just check out the site it will tell you everything about it i just take it daly and it helps alot, you can put it in a spray bottle and just spray it on a woond or a cut or anywere you want or you can buy the ones with the pads and just put the pads with silver on were ever you want it/need it and you can just drink it like an ounce or so a day ( or more if needed/wanted and more if sick ) but it help ALOT!

  12. please please please write on my wall! im clubpenguinrox123

  13. Woah your homeschooled too Tim? I don’t really meet a lot of people who are homeshooled…..

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