Advertize Your Site

Advertize Your Site

Here you can just right your sites “url” and maybe people will click it  🙂  !


34 Responses


  2. Hi

    Silver dragon/8firebender works there
    So does ellen90999

  3. yes sorry i was logged in for wordpress

  4. hey want to join my blog silver drgn?

  5. whats ur email (im tarnjot)

  6. ok firebender u should be now aloud to edit on my blog try it!

    Check it oUt! 😉 😉 😉 For AA and CP cheats ! 😀

  8. This isn’t my blog,but just wanted to tell you theres a coin code contest.

  9. cool


  11. Be sure to do the polls!

  12. It is so cool!

  13. games and blog and stuff join to watch vids


    still going today!

    ~louis birch AKA vjmmr2~

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