Arctic Antics Guide


Normal Codes
















All of these coupon codes above are worth 395 arctic points!

Crack The Codes 

Page #1-

Code 15:Fullhedge
Code 16:Bluerazor

Code 17:Greenmouse

Code 24:Tinybook

Page #2 –

Code 18:Foundleg

Code 19:Blackleg

Code 20:Lostfield

Tresure Version 

Code 21:Blueplate

Code 22:Pinktile

Code 23:Nicefoot

Hidden Code 

Code 11:Nicedog

All of these coupon codes are worth 165 arctic points

I hope these coupon codes will help you 🙂 !




“Wide Green Leaf” for hamster points

“Short Yellow Camel” for camel points

“Old Orange Octupus” for duck points

I hope these combinations help you

Heres A Tip

heres a tip,wen your on the fifth level of the icon game try and find cool comps icon for an extra 20 arctic points

I hope that that tip helped you and will help you in the future!

Heres A Secret


heres a secret and im a 100% sure that it works:wen someone anyone doesnt have to be your but wen someone wins buy a square cool comps shop will have stuf in stock!

I hope everything has helped everyone
cant wait to help you even more!

                                 Quest The First

1. Go down to the river

2. Follow river to the right

3. Look under the platform

4. Investigate the entrance

5. Pick up heavy iron bar

6. Crawl back out

7. Go back up the bank

8. Walk along the riverbank to the left

9. Follow river left

10. Follow river left

11. Go towards the woods

12. Go under the bridge

13. Pick up the silver whistle

14. Go towards the river

15. Climb the tree

16. Crawl along the branch

17. Jump to the far bank

18. Walk to the right

19. Go towards the grass

20. Pick up the broken pencil

21. Go towards the river

22. Walk along the riverbank to your left

23. Go towards the object

24. Climb the stone

25. Open the hatch

(Make sure you get some rusty nails after you open the hatch)

26. Climb off the stone

27. Go around the stone

28. Go away from the river

29. Walk left

30. Go forward

31. Go left

32. Pick up the torch keyring

33. Go right

34. Go left

35. Go along the bank away from the object

36. BLOW the silver whistle

37. Move towards the trunk

38. Climb back down

39. Follow river to the right

40. Go back to field

41. Walk over to the house

42. Look around the building

43. Walk to the edge of the field

44. Walk left, following the fence

45. Pick up a wooden crate

46. Heads toward the building

47. Put down the crate

48. Climb on the crate

49. Climb through the window

50. Search around with the torch

51. Pick up the old hammer

52. Climb back out of the window

53. Climb down the ground

54. Pick up the wooden crate

55. Walk around the building

56. Go back towards the river

57. Go down to the river

58. Follow river left

59. Follow river left

60. Go towards the woods

61. Cross the bridge

62. Follow the path uphill

63. Go deeper into the woods

64. Go farther to the path

65. Climb up the ladder

66. Fix the ladder

67. Climb down

68. Go towards the interesting tree

69. Go to the pathway

70. Turn off into the undergrowth

71. Follow undergrowth to your right

72. Pick up large key

73. Go towards the tree

74. Go towards the rock

75. Go up the rocky hill

76. Go uphill

77. Go to the right

78. Pick up woolen gloves

79. Scramble down the bank

80. Go to the other way

81. Go towards the tree

82. Follow the path downhill

83. Follow the path downhill

84. Go deeper into the woods

85. Go farther to the path

86. Climb up the ladder

87. Climb further up the ladder

88. Pick up the Ice Crystal!!

89. Climb down to the ground

90. Climb down

91. Go towards the interesting tree

92. Go to the pathway

93. Follow the path downhill

94. Go to the river

95. Go towards the river

96. Follow river to the right

97. Go back to the field

98. Walk over the house

99. Look around the building

100. Walk to the edge of the field

101.Walk right, following fence

102. Unlock gate and go through

103. Leave the quest

Hope it helped!

random rabbit is mostly found in invite a friend and buy a square


More to come!

(hope that helped as well as everything ells)! 


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  1. y did u tell me thows?do u want me to update my codes?ok i will!and thx for the codes!!!

  2. your site is cooool

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  4. yes and silver dragn DID NOT send you rude websites, i have been spamed by these before and they are not nice!

  5. Sorry you! I was very mean.

  6. Can you tell me: Can I get 3 Golden Apples from the Tiny tree?

    • you have to wait until your Shoot turns into a Tiny Tree then a Golden Apple Tree then you will get 2 golden apples from it (wen you decide to pick them) watch out because you tree will dye in 3 weeks and you will loose the apples on them!

  7. wait a second firebender, did you write that comment on the newest post on cool comps blog, cus if you did, i am not friends with you anymore. there really is a big agument going on between fire rocks and you (or a hacker!). people are starting to hate you over there!

  8. Hey, silver dragn, what did you get from Arctic Antics last week? (I think it’s nothing sorry)

  9. And update your codes!

  10. im updating them and i got nothing 😦

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    I just found this website well bye

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  17. man you are my best friend for life i have 992 points i now im gonnna win thanks man you dont know how happy i am

  18. heyy can u tell me wea the random rabbit is this time?

  19. ok i went there, welcome

  20. guys, i need the last banana in arctic antics to get the lead. (arcticanticsgirl= Dopeydwarf) Only one problem. I cant bring up walrus chat!!does anybody know a way to get it anyway?

  21. thanks man your the best person ever we are best friends for life

  22. and can you tell me where is random please tell me

  23. hye thankz for helping me out it really helps!and can you update the codes every week for me and other peoples please?that would really help!

  24. your blog is rubish now

  25. Hi, I wrote a comment on your wall and I’m going to compete next week. Good luck!

  26. Hey, where did you go?

  27. Hey, please update the codes.

  28. hey silver dragn u got a bomb on your profile in arctic antic s check it out Birdy12slap planted a bomb on your profile man

  29. silver dragn, I’m going to win for you!

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    http// plz click it

  31. it doesnt let me click it ( weird )

  32. Hey! I like your site!

  33. hey I am thirteen and your right it is like the 20th fastest car but i posted this a long time ago on my other blog

  34. Here is a new code! It is worth 30 points! (Possibly the code from hologram from new Hologram page) Anyways here it is: script

    Hope that helps!


  35. I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

  36. hey plz update the codes plz silver dragn

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  41. Hey People Of This Universe !!! I Was Wondering Where To Go When You Have Cracked The Codes??? Thanks!

  42. cool thanks be in touch with u laterz

  43. Hey! I love this website! If you can, please go on my account and help me get points! I NEVER got to get the free membership! I never even got to 800 points! plz help! ur blog has been helping but I think if you did it I would be closer to winning, plz try to help ad Thanks buddy!

  44. Where do we enter the Crack the Code answers?

  45. and my account is:
    Not saying
    Not saying

    Why did you give me you account information? i did not publish it thow!
    Edited by: 8firebender8.

  46. nice website i won arctic antics thx

  47. Click my name to find out how i get so many points!!!

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  50. that was really helpful really

  51. Maybe I have to change the coupon codes on 20th February so that u all will never get the codes again..

  52. hi ppl how do i get a jewel

  53. plz tell me

  54. these are awsome

  55. 101st post!

  56. t

  57. hey bender tell me why is there a password thing on the random rabbit tracker and i dobt know how to get the password?????

  58. Hey, i just wanted to say…….. WHAT A FANTASTIC SITE!!!!

  59. please reply on my site, how do u write the codes because i dont no how

  60. I have an account that I dont use no more anyone can have it U:Metheled pass is Metheled no banning swearing friendinh but points so use it of you want knock your socks off whoops have fin knocking ya socks off would killya and I’m from wisconson

  61. hey, i need help with the banana hunt plz help?

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