modern warfare 2

hey people ive been waiting so long for this game and finally i got my hands on it and its called modern warfare 2 i completed the game in 4 days and i played non stop i recommend you to buy it its so awesome then way you can use the ultimate missile called the drone it blastes from outer space and comes at 1598bhp and its killes up to 10 people at once its so cool if you dont believe me youtube ‘modern warfare 2 drone’ its way cool! until then waddle on!


WOW I havent posted in a long time

hey people soz but i forgot that i was still on this blog and havent posting in a LONG AND I MEAN LONG TIME!!!! but anywayz i will try to do more posts on this blog sorry 8firebender8 really sorry 😦

hello penguins and other people lolz

hey people its coolio here and i just wanna say that im having a party and a contest at 1. the party will be because im have a 1500 hits party plz help me  get a few more people to look at my blog 2. the contest is fr a person who wants to be on my blog so just visit and thankz if u do 🙂