items in AA

Items In AA


Here i have a list of things cool comp has had in his shop:

Baby goldfish – sold for 35 points-Bought for unknown

Big Eyed Pet Fish – sold for 50 points-bought for 80

Bowl of popcorn – sold for 47 points-bought for 64-found in mystery parcel

Fan – sold for 65 points-found in mystery parcel

Golden Apple – sold for 30 points

Little Shoot – unsellable

Pet Goldfish – sold for 30 points-bought for 60 points

Pot of fish flakes – sold for 5 points-bought for 50 points

Pretzel – sold for 10 points-bought for 30 points

Review Thumbs-Up – sold for 30 points

Snowflakes – sold for 50 points-bought for 190 points-found in mystery parcel

Tiny Trees – unsellable

Toy Dog – sold for 100 points-found in mystery parcel

Great Idea! – sold for 100 points

Snowmen – sold for 110 points-found in mystery parcel-bought for 220 points

Globe – sold for 50 points-found in mystery parcel

Magic Seed – sold for 25 points-found in mystery parcel-bought for 60 points

Telephone – sold for 35 points

Thank You From Cool Comp! – sold for 100 arctic points

Golden Apple Tree – unsellable (you can pick 2 apples off it)

Easter Chick Family – sold for 50 points

Mystery Parcel – sold for 50 points (you can open it too)-bought for 100 points

Toy Whale – sold for 100 points (only hayley has it for becoming the first whale)

Sandwich – sold for 50 points-found in mystery parcel

Thanks for helping with the guide – sold for 30 arctic points

Cell Phone – sold for 50 points-bought for 90 points

Cupboard – sold for 88 points-bought for 500

Pudding – sold for 71 points

Game Review Laptop – sold for 30 points

Monster Truck – sold for 50 points (only strongclaw had it)

Cyberman Helmet – sold for 100 points (only sisant had it)

Thank Yous – sold for 30 points

Golden Thank Yous – sold for 40 points

Snowmen Badge – sold for 50 points

Ultimate Jewel – sold for 500 points

Aquamarine Jewel – sold for 551 points

Topaz Jewel – sold for ? points

Emerald Jewel – sold for ? points

Ruby Jewel – sold for ? points

Amethyst Jewel – sold for ? points
Random Rabbit – sold for 500 point

Items that have gone bad and you can’t sell for much:
Flat Laptop – sold for 25 points
Dog Has Gone – sold for 21 points

Shrunken Thank Yous – sold for 20 points
Random Has Run – sold for 1 point

Melted Ice Cream – sold for 1 point

Empty Popcorn! – sold for 1 point
Dead Goldfish – unsellable (you can flush this down the toilet)
Dead big-eyed fish – unsellable
Empty pot of fish flakes – sold for 1 point
Melted Snow – sold for 1 point
Pile of Crumbs – sold for 1 point
Shrunken Globe – sold for 1 point
Dead Tree – sold for 1 point
Fat Maggot – sold for 1 point


24 Responses

  1. hey u can sell the cupboard for 88 points

  2. ather786 told me he bought the aquamarine jewel for 2310 points and he said he can sell it for 551 points

    ps. how do i change my picture i want it to be a car too plz tell me how to change it

    • lol, thx (he told me to i just forgot, lol) and to change your pic go to your blog dashboard then go to Appearance and then your just (on the right side) upload your pic!

  3. no its the other way around the aquamarine jewel was BAUGHT!!!! for 2310 points and it can be SOLD!!! for 551 points

  4. hey man do u mean right hand side or the left hand side i went to dashboards then i went to my apperance then i cant see the word saying upload the pic help me

  5. i done it

  6. thanks

  7. hey im still on your blog i didnt say i was gonna quit i am on your blog i thought it would be fun to make my own but ive been on your blog longer then my own so can i still be in your blog please

  8. cool thanks your the best

  9. The bomb has exploded, doing something to silver dragn’s profile!
    * It means I’m going to bomb you.

  10. I’m going to bomb you!

  11. friends with unknown?

  12. Lol u don’t even know him and do u know ur prices on stuff have gone out of wack like the cupboard is bought for 500 points then sells for 888 ? Fix that actually il fix it

  13. There i fixed it!

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