Free Stuff 4 U

As of now i am making banners ( the pictures above/on the top of every blog ) but the catch is…….NOTHING! its free!

So just ask me in a post and give as much info as you can about the banner you want and i will get it to you within a week or shorter!

I am also making blogs for…..FREE! just comment on what you want you blog to be about and the url ( Examlple or or or or and any others you want!

So just comment and tell me all the info like what the blog should be about what company ( wordpress, blog, blogger…etc ) and then i will make it for you for free! The only catch is that i will be the owner ( but i may make you the owner ) but i want to stay on the blog as incharge or second incharge!

Well thats all for nowhope i can make free stuff for you! 😉


9 Responses

  1. Can you make a banner for me here are the details i want it to have:
    1 The blogs name (Teddys1 arctic antics and cp blog)
    2 I want it to be in red(the words)
    3 a picture of cool comp and a penguin from club penguin
    4 I want it has big as yours.
    Please make one because i dont know how to make one

  2. thx

  3. Can you make me a header?
    1: big as your header
    2: on left side is a Ninja
    3: On right side is CoolComp
    4: White background
    5: Red text
    6: texy says “Ninja685’s arctic antics cheats”
    Please tell me the header link at
    Tell me when you have it done on my blog

  4. nvm i got it!

  5. no i DONT want it,I made one myself lol come see it

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