Here is a page were you can have some fun with little games (sorta like finding random rabbit in arctic antics)

you will have to find random rabbit he can be all different sizes but he is always on this blog somewhere here is a pic of him rabbithe can be hidden very good and if u find him just put your curser over him  and it will tell you the password you need to get into the “RANDOM RABBIT” PAGE then you go to that page type in that password then just comment there (telling my your blog url and your arctic antics link). if u found him u wont be able to find him for the next 2 times!!! if you find him over 10 times i will have to give you some thing or do something for you in this blog or a blog of mine i dont know yet but i am thinking of something right is a list of who has found him (sorta like cool comps cool crew)

i have a new update i am only going to hide random onec a week and the winner will get his aa link put up (as he would before) but then you also get your blog in my blog roll starting…….. NOW!

 SD's Cool Crew

Fire Rocks




And here are some other games for you to play if your bored:



The Ham Game

The Idiot Test






15 Responses

  1. hey by the way can you click on this link if you want to

    im helping my freind

  2. thank u ur the best

  3. i did and i deleeted some of the comments because we wrote to many!!

  4. ok

  5. hey silver i look everu where i cant find random

  6. sorry fire rocks i deleeted your comment because you already found him last time and you have to wait 2 times before you can find him again!

  7. hey i found him at the arctic antics guide

  8. its at about the workers page i found it but it doesnt give me the pass y is that?

  9. i got the pass and i found it at the about the workers page i told u the url and everything!

  10. i just found him in the donate page

  11. same but it keeps saying the hunt hasnt started yet so it wont leemie see the password for it

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