My new christmas header +

i have just finished my new christmas header and i have added a cool you tube video to my channel ( its a cheat movie for how to get the new free rockhopper background )

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Whats new on cp

I have the latest update in the “WHATS NEW” CP blog:

Happy77 asks Screenhog about Coins!

Greetings Penguins,

Hot topic? Coins For Change! Everyone’s getting really stoked about it, and penguins all over the island are looking for ways to celebrate. There are lots of things you can do to help – one of the ways is to donate coins. I’d thought I’d get some ideas from Screenhog who knows lots about coins – and other stuff, too.

Q: Can you tell us any game secrets so we can collect coins faster?

A: There are games where bringing a certain color puffle will help you! There’s also the challenge of getting through Jet Pack Adventure without earning a single coin. There’s a big reward if you can do it.


Q: Any suggestions for penguins who want to do extra things to celebrate the season?

A: Well, Coins For Change is such a good time for helping others, so I’d suggest helping other penguins. Maybe if you see new penguins, give a tour! If someone’s looking for the pin, help them out. (Pssst… the in-pay is in the orest-Fay!)

Q: Are there other ways for penguins to celebrate Coins For Change?

A: There are lots of things you and your friends and family can do to make a difference for other people around the world! Volunteering some time is a good place to start. Let us know your ideas.

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Plus the new christmas log in screen!

and Rockhopper is near!

Thats the latests updates by; 8firebender8!

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Cool Website Please Go!

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Christmas Party Update

“Hello Penguins!

The big Christmas Party will go from December 18th – 27th and we wanted to show you something that we hope you’ll like…


What do you think? We’ll have more details about the party soon!

It’s pretty busy on the island – Everyone seems to be getting geared up for the holidays! Check out what’s coming up this week:

  • Coins for Change will begin – start saving!
  • New Postcards – with a Christmas surprise!
  • Rockhopper arrives with the Treasure Hunt game!
  • New catalogs – Holiday igloo stuff!


Until then…Waddle on!”

Thats the lastest update for now penguins

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“The Clothing Catalog Cheats”

Click here for my “The Clothing Catalog Cheats” movie:

The Christmas Bell Pin!

Click here to find the lastest pin:

Big problem finaly OVER!

My computer is back up and running smooth again ( i just wiped the ram ) and sorry about not posting but i hade no comp :/ but i will be posting cheats now!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

And for my blog i am deleeting everyone exept the person who posted the post right before this one!

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