Top 3 Arctic Antics Best Players

Top 3 Arctic Antics Best Players :D

Here I will post the top three modern arctic antic legends they will have to be still playing now and will have to be the best like how long there online and how many times they have won.

I will start a poll for them and then that will decide. Whoever wins i will need there email to send them a special congrats email and to ask them some questions Β to put in this page and if i dont get there email i will have to make a new poll and i might make a different best player.



crtmen1029 was voted the best player in AA so lets give a big hand for him πŸ™‚


9 Responses

  1. i have three silver dragn

    1. pudgepug is a old player of arctic antics he has always won except one time he came second but he has one fiv times in a row before he is my friend

    2.kevinice95 was a player of arctic antics he was the lucky person to get the ultimate jewel he is very good at arctic antics until cartmen1029 bombed him and destroyed th ultimate jewel

    3.ather786 is a good player of arctic antics he still playes it but he has a lot of stuff including one of the arctic antics jewel like the aquamarine jewel he bought it for 2310 points and he can sell it for 551 points but i wouldnt sell it though

  2. i am going to have to say:
    Timmytimtam for being on AA for a wile, having sooo many accounts, winning so much, being an awesome friend, and also helping alot of people out.

    Crtmen1029 for being a good player, helping people out, having sooo many accounts, still playing, and he has won alot of times.

    Hayley for being the first wale, her trimendice effort on tring to win, just being on for so long, being a nice person, and still playing

    Tykerq for being on for a wile, still playing, being nice to people and not a por sport.

    Tato3629 for being on for so long, being a good player, and well just being nice.

    Ather786 for getting a jewel and still playing.

    Kevinice95 for getting the first ever jewel and still playing.

    Silver dragn for trying soo hard to win and being bombed off the board twice weni would have won, moving up sooo quick in ranks, helping people win, being a good friend, and learning AA so quick.

    well thats all i got!

  3. Well, with luck, maybe I might be good up there! Can you all take a vote if I am good enough to be an Arctic Antics legend?
    Well, for mine it has to be:
    Silver Dragn, for, well, jsut being so darn popular!
    Cartmen1029, for winning 3 times.
    Halyey, for being the first whale.
    Ireland, for being the first to find Random Rabbit.
    Strongclaw, for, again being so popular!
    Kevinice95, for getting the first ever jewel.
    Molly 8910, for helping Cool Comp with the SEARCH idea.
    Huggles 13, for being so nice and supportive to everyone!
    Branmatt, for having his blog mentioned by Cool Comp (but I don’t think he is on Arctic Antics anymore)
    Well, those are my votes for now (don’t forget to decide if I should become an Arctic Antics legend!)

  4. me i try hard and i will put you as one of the best on my website could you please email me with the random rabbit password.Its winx2people.


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  5. hey tato (the worker at ) should be the 2nd best player πŸ˜€

  6. these three are the best:
    1. Pudgepug
    2. Blowsight10

  7. hedgehog9 thank you, that’s so nice of you, sorry i haven’t been on AA lately, somebody hacked me and changed my password and can’t make another account.

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